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Read the headlines in almost any newspaper and you will undoubtedly see stories with titles containing phrases like “data breach”, “identity theft”, and “hacker”. From small shops to large fortune 500 companies, reliance on information systems has become an integral part of doing business. Information systems and the networks they are connected to make businesses more efficient and increase worker productivity, but doing so often comes with a cost. Just as businesses need to take the security of valuable physical possessions seriously, so too do they need to consider the security of their digital assets. Credit card numbers, medical records, and other digital assets are often ripe targets for hackers and a lack of security awareness amongst a company’s user base often poses a big risk for businesses. In fact, the employees of a company are more often than not the weak link in an organization’s defenses as hackers will routinely use techniques like phishing and other forms of social engineering to gain access to user credentials or gain a foothold within an organization. A major factor in keeping your business secure is to promote a culture of security awareness amongst all employees and get every employee to understand that security is EVERYONE’s responsibility and not just the responsibility of people with the word security or IT in their job description.


At CyberSabio, we specialize in providing security awareness training that targets the average employee and makes them appreciate why an understanding of information security basics is important both in their personal lives and their professional careers. We offer a unique approach to security training that does not just present users with a bunch of facts to memorize, but actually presents users with real world examples and demonstrations of common ways hackers will target individuals and the corporations they work for. For example, we do not just tell people what a phishing scam is; we walk them through the creation of a phishing scam and provide a live demonstration of how a malicious link used in such a scam could be used to capture the password to a bank account. CyberSabio, aims to promote security awareness and an interest in security, by making various security threats faced by businesses tangible to even the most non-technical users. Let our team of experts plant the seeds of security culture within your business and take the first steps towards ensuring that your business does not appear in the news alongside the words “data breach”.

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