Conference NYC "Practice Safe Swiping"

Conference Hosted by Mercy College in New York City

Informative meeting that took place in the heart of Manhattan on 34th street at the Mercy College location. Topics ranged from "Practice Safe Swiping" providing security tips to protect online and in-store financial transactions and the basics to protect from payment fraud, and "Online Safety Tips for Kids" geared towards providing real world advice in how to empower adolescents with access to beneficial content, while at the same time protecting them from various online threats.

Conference NYC "Protect Against Phishing"

Conference Hosted by Mercy College in New York City

Another successful conference fully informational hosted at the Mercy College location in Manhattan on 34th Street. Interesting topics included "ID Theft" providing in depth coverage of what identity theft is, and what can be done to mitigate the risks of identity theft, plus the steps to consider if you find yourself a victim. This meeting also had a delve into the topic of "Social Engineering" that provided an in depth example of how social engineering can be used to exploit the users of computer systems.

Conference in El Salvador IEEE - Don Bosco

Conference hosted by University Don Bosco and IEEE El Salvador

International Conference hosted in El Salvador at the prestigious Don Bosco University, with the collaboration of IEEE El Salvador Chapter. The educational talk was oriented to teach the audience about the way mock incidents in corporate environments are extremely beneficial to test the capacity of security features in place to stop outbrakes, and the reaction of personnel to such situations. This meeting aimed to clarify the effective ways to harden the security of network infrastructure and endpoints.